About Us

CWC help businesses achieve their business strategies

CWC help businesses achieve their business strategies by providing the best, most experienced delivery consultants in the market. We get asked back time and time again because we always deliver.

About CWC

We provide consulting support in programme transformation, change delivery and execution within financial services and regulated industries. We help the world’s largest global banks as well as smaller specialist companies.

We deliver consistently because we deploy seasoned industry professionals with real hands-on experience of managing the challenges facing our clients. Delivery-focused Subject Matter Experts.

Our consultants walk you through the complexity and pitfalls of transformation, increasing the probability of success. Delivering benefits, faster.

Who we are

CWC is led by Gordon Kilpatrick and Lisa Whiffen. Gordon and Lisa are among the UK’s leading business transformation experts with substantial experience driving transformation within complex organisations, and working for large consultancy firms. They understand why projects succeed and why they go wrong. Most of all, they understand the importance of combining consultancy skills with deep client side experience.