Our Specialist Areas

Data & Analytics

Data – The DNA of Information

There isn’t a single CWC engagement that can’t trace its success back to leveraging the power of data.

We have led cutting edge Data & Analytics programmes in the largest global banks, overcome regulatory and compliance constraints to enable the processing of customer data on cloud platforms and unlocked previously unseen opportunities to generate unrealised benefits in programmes ranging from customer correspondence to insight led decisioning systems.

As the world changes, we can help clients challenge the accepted norms and achieve what many see as impossible.

Our business is based on using client data to realise, leverage and create opportunities for generating value through blending our experience with client requirements;



requires careful measurement of KPIs, revenue and cost

Risk Management

Risk Management

requires the definition, tracking and management of KRIs

Business Cases

Business Cases

for investment in change and reference carefully projecting ROIs based on data

As the world moves to leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the legacy problems remain.


Our experience within the financial sector has given us the knowledge and capability to challenge assumed constraints and enable true innovation.

Some examples include:

  • Strategies for in-flight and at rest encryption
  • Redefining data policies to accommodate pre-defined generic data processing models (effectively streamlining constraining approval processes)
  • Managing the regulatory framework in numerous geographies