Delivery Services

Data Migration, Gen AI & Data Management

Organisation & Data changes will be successful, efficient and sustainable when proven experts work with exceptional Tools and AI to deliver risk mitigated, pragmatic solutions.

CWC works with clients to help them realise their data strategy effectively and without drama, using industry experts with an outstanding track record of successful delivery of migrations and implementations.

In partnership with our clients, we foresee that Gen AI has the power to fundamentally transform performance evaluations. By addressing age, gender and other biases, it can enhance effectiveness and impartiality significantly. Furthermore, there is a collective belief in AI's ability to promote diversity in the workforce by identifying and nurturing talented individuals from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

GEN Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers numerous benefits to the financial services industry. By leveraging AI technologies working with our clients using machine learning and natural language processing, our customers can enhance their own customer experiences through personalized recommendations and streamlined processes. AI-powered algorithms enable more accurate risk assessment and fraud detection, improving security and compliance measures.

Additionally, AI automates routine tasks, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency. Moreover, AI-driven insights derived from vast amounts of data facilitate better decision-making and enable financial institutions to innovate and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving market landscape


CWC Data Solutions bring together Experienced Subject Matter Experts and cutting edge AI Enhanced Technology to deliver Data Migration solutions that focus on pragmatic pathways that fit tight timelines and mitigate risk in terms of :

•   Subject Matter Experts, steeped in experience
•   Solid Governance frameworks
•   Critical Path avoidance
•   Systems and Platform agnostic data migration products
•   Exceptionally Fast deliveries
•   Clear Reporting and Analytics
•   Full Audit trail and reversal functionality

CWC experts with exceptional track records will work alongside your own teams, providing complementary skills in order to share the burden of Transformation Leadership, Delivery and Management.


  • We provide solutions, not just products: Our expert team translates  your Data Strategy into a roadmap on the basis of the delta between the current and the desired organisational blueprint.
  • We provide you with the expert skills you need to complement your own project teams, together with our own relationship manager who will support you throughout the application of our services, solutions and products. Our teams are not bolstered by juniors: every team member is steeped in large scale transformation experience; all of us have been there.
  • A Data Migration cleansing tool called BizzDat ™ will allow you to shorten the timeline for delivery of data migration saving both time and money, it can add further improvements with smart process design, out of the box automation, and innovative tools for process management, we can be your full service partner for continuous improvement.
  • Using our highly scalable, cloud based applications & services whereby applying analytics & AI, we will provide you with the insights to measure the impact of the executed change on Data and processes.
  • We will provide automatically generated visual dashboards and documentation for the  migration, and we can continuously provide support to calculate scenarios at any time as soon as changes occur in or around the Program or migration.
  • We implement the transformation governance process, utilising our bespoke strategic portfolio management tooling and reporting tools.
  • We design processes and migrate and upgrade data quality utilising our bespoke data management tooling.
  • We can train your own teams to maintain data integrity, or provide ongoing professional support services.