Our Specialist Areas

Risk & Regulatory

Risk and Regulatory-driven consulting is not an exciting subject. Programmes relating to risk and regulation usually sit on the ‘cost’ side of the fence.

For many people, the subject heightens a frustration at increasing regulatory-driven spend; a frustration that cannot be openly aired because we all recognise the importance of demonstrating increasingly proficient levels of risk resilience in the post-financial-crisis landscape.

It doesn’t need to be like this. An enlightened culture of Control – as opposed to a culture of Compliance – may be a challenge to embed, but it can provide the backbone to support the ever-growing complexity of banking, where core risk resilience goes hand in hand with accelerated digital and technology innovation. Banking cannot exist without risk, and the increasing digitalisation and associated media touchpoints can accelerate those risks. Working across internal lines of defence and hand-in-hand with the regulators gives our clients the best opportunity to control the risk environment, and to manage expansion efficiently, on behalf of all of the Bank’s stakeholders.

At CWC we are proud of our Risk & Regulatory heritage. We have subject matter experts who have worked on large regulatory-driven programmes in top tier financial institutions across many years. In 2019 we had two large teams engaged in regulatory-driven work, both programmes headed by senior CWC executives with extensive experience in risk and control; people who have liaised directly with the PRA over a number of programmes and pilot projects. Not only can our people demonstrate their ability to deliver excellent programmes in this space, but they can openly engage with stakeholders across the banking platform, to explain how best to maximise the value out of the required programmes. We can help link the requirements of regulators to the needs of banks to be better, faster, quicker, stronger and smarter, thus allowing for greater programme acceptance, engagement and participation.