Our History

New Name, Same Commitment

CWC has changed its name. Formally known as Campion Willcocks Consulting LLP, we are now called CrossWind Consulting LLP. The name has changed but our commitment to providing "Excellence through Experience" remains unchanged.

Our Background

CWC was initially established as part of the Campion Willcocks group of companies, and built a solid reputation for the provision of exceptional focused delivery teams into large scale transformation programmes.

In May 2021, and following the Covid Pandemic, CWC underwent a rebranding as CrossWind Consulting. This name reflects our view that disruption from the current path is a powerful tool for change. CrossWind represents the ability our experts have in harnessing approaches that create the fastest momentum in delivering better outcomes for our clients.

The Brand name of CrossWind Consulting underpins our ongoing geographical expansion, reflecting our new operating model that provides ‘follow-the-sun’ support to or international clients, allowing for multiple teams to be stood up around the world and so create a marked change in the velocity of our deliveries.  As the world adapts to a post-covid environment the ability to work digitally creates the opportunity for developing new solutions that CWC can use to serve our clients better around the globe.

Our Founding Members' Comments

Our three original founding members all support our evolving model.

As Managing Partner Gordon Kilpatrick says: “We are not in any way fundamentally changing what we do and how we do it, but we are delighted to be able to take this step of investing in, growing, and expanding our operations across a footprint that we are familiar with and where we have the expertise to deliver. These are really exciting times, and we relish the opportunities to show new clients just how good an experienced consultancy team can be in driving transformation efficiently and at pace”.

Managing Partner, Lisa Whiffen commented that “As a consultancy we have expanded our employee base over the past 12 months at a time when similar companies were shrinking; we have managed to weather a particularly unexpected storm without losing a single member of staff, and have seen strong loyalty throughout the organisation, and that is something that I am paradoxically both proud of and humbled by. Whilst I cannot repay the faith our staff have shown over the last year, I am particularly excited at the opportunities we will be able to offer staff in growing and expanding the firm. We have always focused on diversity and fairness and will continue to set these as fundamental pillars throughout our organisation, so that we can attract and retain the best staff and continue to promote the removal of barriers to career progress. We are part of a supply chain servicing the very best clients, and we wear the responsibility of this carefully; we will continue to operate with the very highest of standards internally and will continue to demand the very best of our team in terms of our underlying values”.

As a retiring member, Mark Campion commented “It is with very mixed feelings that I have decided to step down from day-to-day involvement in this business, having worked alongside Lisa and Gordon in establishing such a successful consultancy. I am confident however that the business will continue to grow successfully on the back of the excellent reputation for expert delivery. Our close friendship will continue down the years, I am sure, and I look forward to watching CWC grow and expand in the years ahead”.