Our client, a major international bank, was part way through a substantial multi-channel CRM implementation programme. The programme was 18 months old, off track and lacking clear transformation leadership when CWC was engaged to help restore confidence in the programme.


A CWC senior partner was initially engaged to conduct an assurance review. Following the recommendations made through this review CWC was then engaged to bring effective leadership across business, technology and transformation teams. A shared vision was developed, and the programme was restructured.


Deliverables included:

  • An initial programme assurance review
  • A clear vision and baselined plans for technology, transformation and business teams
  • Implementation of effective programme management leadership disciplines and fit for purpose steering committee reporting
  • Vendor selection processes, legal and contractual oversight, vendor management
  • A capability review, with problem areas then supported by CWC consultants


  • The programme moved from a status of ‘constant surprises’ to ‘extremely well managed’ with a forensic approach to identified issues
  • Demonstrated increases in the quality, accuracy and transparency of reporting to senior management and key decision makers
  • At the time of writing, there is an extremely high degree of confidence in a sustained and successful delivery
  • Appropriate escalation and authorisation of changes to workstreams